Become a true waterman

Learn to surf, have better ocean awareness, safety, get coaching, or attend one of our week-long youth camps! Located in Santa Cruz, California. 

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Central Coast Watermen

Becoming a safe and effective waterman starts with us. Whether you want to learn to surf, have better ocean awareness, or improve your surfing, we can take you there!

Why You Should Choose Central Coast Watermen

Impressive Services & Fun Environment

We offer an array of unique-to-us services and our #1 rule we follow is having fun!

Professional Surf Coaches

Our coaches are the best in the Santa Cruz area, and often times can be found spending their entire day in the water, on and off the clock!

Lifelong Skills

Yours or your child's learning does not stop at the ocean. You will find that the skills we teach apply everywhere you go!

Water Warriors Camps

We are so much more than just a summer camp! We don’t stop at surfing, but teach watermen’s skills from ocean safety, awareness, paddling, swimming, breath work, and so much more!

A Water Warrior embraces the power of the ocean, respects all, and embodies being a valuable part of their community both in and out of the water. Being a Water Warrior goes far beyond the physical realm of ocean understanding. It’s about harnessing that “iron sharpens iron” mentality by first building our own strength, confidence, and then learning to work together as a team. These life lessons and skills help build the community and world around us.

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